See What Your Customers See!

Let us analyze your package through eye-tracking research. Learn how we can transform your identity!

CUshop Consumer Experience Laboratory

See What Your Customers See! With our four step research process, we gather and produce your compelling D.A.T.A. through Design, Analytics, Team Thinking, and Action!


Welcome to the Sonoco Institute, here we take your brilliant IDEA and craft it into a compelling packaging solution. With a long list of leading design software and fabrication machines, our team of creative innovators can model your product both digitally and physically. Prototyping has never been this exciting!


With existing or newly designed prototypes our researches place your product into a realistic and totally immersive shopping, retail environment. Situated within a lively college town and infused with both the academic and industrial worlds, we are capable of bringing in large and helpful groups of study participants. These participants easily provide their purchasing decisions through our eye-tracking data processes.


Our team of graduate students professionally analyze your designs through proven scientific methods. Employing the data provided by study participants, we can illustrate graphics that properly display an audience’s response towards the package design.


Acting upon the results is our way of showing you an improved strategy. After analyzing and comparing the factors of your initial package design we can morph the eye-tracking data into an improved product securing your position with a guaranteed eye-catching package. Improve your brand today!

How do consumers understand your packaging?

Learn how to transform your packaging identity.